North Coast Scenic Area Day Tour, 3 Taiwan Independent travel
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North Coast Scenic Area Day Tour,

Departing from Taipei

North Coast Scenic Area Day Tour, 

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Itinerary : 

North Coast Scenic Area, Day Tour


Route No. E-05

Suggested route : ( Proposed departure time: 09:00~10:00 )

Departing form Taipei city (Hotel)~


,Yehliu Geopark

,Jinshan Old Street,Try different culinary delights and Snacks

,Jinshan Scenic Area, Jinshan Seashore Park, viewing pavilion,


, Instructions: Choose three or four from the following

(1)~Juming Museum      (2)~Dharma Drum Mountain,

(3)~Jump stone coast     (4)~Shihmen Recreation Area,

(5,)~Laomei GreennReef   (6)~Fugui Cape Lighthouse,

(7)~Linshan Cape trail    (8)~Sanchih Sea Shell Temple,

(9)~Zhilan Park Ocean Viewing Platform,

(10)~Little White House,=>Fort San Domingo,=>Hobe Fort Park

★★★Directions: Choose three or four out from ten options ★★★


Fisherman's Wharf (watch the most beautiful sunset in Northern)

, Tamsui Old Street

Return to Taipei City.


(you can choose to go to /Shilin Night Market /Ximending shopping district and You can returnon your own or wait where you are to be picked up and brought back to your hotel in Taipei) 

Recommended food

Aganyi Taro Balls, Alan Caozi Kueh, Shenkeng Under the Big Tree,

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1. During Chinese New Year or other special event, activities, or extended holidays, there may be traffic jams causing slight delays and the itinerary may need to be adjusted as needed.

2. If starting and ending locations are different (different hotel, etc.) or if you will be bringing your luggage, please provide the size and number of luggage during reservation.

3. If there is not a vehicle available on the tour date, a larger size vehicle will be provided.

4. All recommended itinerary can be modified by the guests. If the starting and ending location are different or if you would like to select your destinations, please make the request through the Self Selection Inquiry . We will make recommendations based on your needs.



Line : eztravel

WhatsApp / Viber

Kakao : twtravel

wechat : eztaiwan


Service numbers:+886 939302111