Order Online2 Taiwan Independent travel Beitou District, Taipei City $ 02-2895-0400 Self-guided tours in Taiwan have become a trend, however, trip planning, especially travel routes and hotel reservations could be stressful. Why not leave the tedious problems to us.We can provide to the guests:1. Professional drivers provide sightseeing tours, business tours, island tours, airport transfers… all-inclusive driver services.2. Free support on self-guided tours (attractions, hotels, motels, hostels, etc.)3. The guests decide on the time of visiting attractions and each location and avoid ruining the guests plans with shopping trips.4. Save time on transfers between transportations and gain more time on each activity.5. Prevent the stress of driving long distances.When planning the guests travel itinerary, we also prepare professional drivers to guide the guests along the way. The dedicated service will make the guests feel more relaxed and at ease during the guests travels, ensuring each traveler can be happier and full of smiles.Each itinerary, attractions and routes, will be planned based on the appropriate season as the season changes. For all inclusive tours, the activities will not be standardized or schedule based, it can be changed and modified based on the current weather and we will provide the guests the best recommendations for attractions and activities based on experience. All inclusive tours will be completely up to the guests, the guests may go anywhere the guests wish and stay in an area for as long as the guests wish, allowing the guests to achieve maximum satisfaction within the guests’ tour time. The guest may refer to the itinerary recommendations and attraction information on our website to choose the itinerary or attractions the guest wants to visit.Please leave a comment with your needs during reservation and our customer service agent will assist you in your itinerary planning to ensure your travel in Taiwan a relaxing and fun experience!Each guest has a different departure time, guests of all ages will have different interests and preferences. Having an experienced guide who knows the sightseeing locations, the food and surroundings will allow the best planning and feedback on your tours, focusing on what the guests wants to do and see, providing ample time to experience the food, attraction, and activity.What are you, the guest, most excited about during a trip after considering flight costs, transportation, food, etc.? Would cost be your main limiting factor? The answer is no. Service is an intangible commodity, an experience. We will provide multiple choices and selections to fulfill each guests’ desires. If you have any questions regarding a tour, please feel free to contact us.Let me help you have a exciting and relaxing tour of Taiwan. Taiwan Independent travel
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